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Schmitt TriggerSchmitt Trigger - 6Dip

  • High data rate, 1MHz typical (NRZ) range groups
  • Free from latch up and oscilliation throughout voltage and temperature ranges.
  • Microprocessor compatible drive
  • Logic compatible output sinks 16mA at 0.4V maximum
  • Guaranteed on/off threshold hysteresis
  • Wide supply voltage capability, compatible with all popular logic systems
  • High isolation voltage between input and output (Viso=5000 V rms )
  • Logic to logic isolator
  • Programmable current level sensor
  • Line receiver - eliminate noise and transient problems
  • AC to TTL conversion - square wave shaping
  • Digital programming of power supplies
  • Interfaces computers with peripherals
ProductDimensionRise / Fall Time (gs)Supply Voltage (V)Viso (Vrms)IFT (mA)ICC_Max (mA)IO (mA)Datasheet
H11L17.12x6.5x3.50.1 / 0.13~1550001.650.1PDF
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