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Package in 8mm tape on 7" diameter reel.

Compatible with automatic placement equipment.

Compatible with infrared and vapor phase reflow solder process.

Mono-color type.


The product itself will remain within RoHS compliant version.


Backlighting in dashboard and switch.

Telecommunication: indicator and backlighting in telephone and fax.

Flat backlight for LCD, switch and symbol.

General use.

ProductDimensionColorλD(nm)/CIE(x,y) Iv Min./Typ. (mcd)Iv Max. (mcd)VF Min./Typ. (V)VF Max. (V)IF (mA)Datasheet
19-223/G6S2C-A01/2T1.6x1.5x0.6Brilliant Orange+Brilliant Yellow GreenS2:605 G6:573S2:112 G6:28.5S2:140 G6:45S2:2 G6:2S2:2.4 G6:2.420PDF
19-223/R6BHC-A05/2T1.6x1.5x0.6Brilliant Red+BlueR6:624 BH:470R6:72 BH:36R6:180 BH:72R6:1.7/2 BH:2.7/3.3R6:2.4 BH:3.720PDF
19-223/R6G6C-A01/2T1.6x1.5x0.6Brilliant Red+Brilliant Yellow GreenR6:624 G6:573R6:72 G6:22.5R6:180 G6:57R6:1.7/2 G6:1.7/2R6:2.4 G6:2.420PDF
19-223/R7BHC-A30/2T1.6x1.5x0.6Dark Red+BlueR7:631 BH:470R7:45 BH:36R7:112 BH:90R7:1.7/2 BH:2.7/3.3R7:2.4 BH:2.7/3.720PDF
19-223/R7G6C-A01/2T1.6x1.5x0.6Dark Red+Brilliant Yellow GreenR7:631 G6:573R7:18 G6:18R7:72 G6:72R7:2 G6:2R7:2.4 G6:2.420PDF
19-223/S2BHC-A01/2T1.6x1.5x0.6Brilliant Orange+BlueS2:605 BH:470S2:72 BH:36S2:140 BH:72S2:1.7/2 BH:3S2:2.4 BH:3.520PDF
19-223/S2T1D-C30/2T1.6x1.5x0.6Brilliant Orange+Pure WhiteS2:605+ x=0.274 y=0.226S2:18 T1:45S2:45 T1:112S2:1.55 T1:2.7S2:2.15 T1:3.35PDF
19-223/Y2G6C-A01/2T1.6x1.5x0.6Brilliant Yellow Green+Brilliant YellowG6:573 Y2:589G6:28.5 Y2:36G6:57 Y2:72G6:1.7/2 Y2:1.7/2G6:2.4 Y2:2.420PDF

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