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  • RoHS compliant.
  • P-LCC-3 package
  • Wide viewing angle 120 degree
  • Inner reflector and white package
  • Qualification according to AEC-Q101 rev C
  • Precondition: Bases on JEDEC J-STD 020 Level 2.
  • Automotive backlighting or indicator: Dashboard, switch, audio and video equipments…etc
  • Backlight: LCD, switches, symbol, mobile phone and illuminated advertising
  • Display for indoor and outdoor application
  • Ideal for coupling into light guides
  • Substitution of traditional light
  • Optical indicator
ProductDimensionColorIv (mcd)Wd (nm)Vf (V)View angle (deg)Datasheet
67-31E-Y9NC-E9V1AAC1G-2T8-AM3.5x2.7x1.8 mm3yellow710-1400586-5951.7-2.6120PDF
67-31E-GPSC-U8P2R1B7G-2T8-AM3.5x2.7x1.8 mm3green56-140559-5681.7-2.4120PDF
67-31EZ-BLT-2AV2ABC2F-2T8-AM3.5x2.7x1.8 mm3white900-1800X:0.315-0.335 Y:0.300-0.3602.7-3.9120PDF
67-31E-S3SC-M1U2V2C1G-2T8-AM3.5x2.7x1.8 mm3orange560-1120609.5-621.51.7-2.6120PDF

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