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  • Low power consumption
  • High efficiency and low cost
  • Good control and free combinations on the colors of LED lamps
  • Good lock and easy to assembly
  • Stackable and easy to assembly
  • Sackable vertically and easy to assembly
  • Versatile mounting on P.C board or panel
  • Stackable horizontally and easy to assembly
  • Pb free
  • The product itself will remain within RoHS compliant version

Used as indicators of indicating the Degree, Functions, Positions etc, in electronic instruments.

ProductEmitting ColorLens TypeDimensionλd (nm) / CIE(x,y) Resin ColorIv(Min/Typ/Max)Vf(Min/Typ / Max))Viewing AngleDatasheet
A93B/SUR/S530-A3Hyper RedRound4.7mm624Color Diffused40 / 1002.0 / 2.440PDF

A1479 | A93B | A203B | A253B |

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