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Custom Cover Lenses

Custo Cover Lenses

Do you want your Cover Glass and User Interface to stand out in the marketplace? Do you need stylish presentation with an eye catching product? Do you need a product that gives the best possible user experience. Talk to Intelligent Display Solutions today.

Customising a cover lens for your specific application makes your products more attractive and effective to users. IDS will always consider the commercial affordability so you are in safe hands. With customisation from us, we can ensure that your cover lens will be the best possible solution.

Display dimensions do not have to limit your design, we can create your cover lens in any shape you desire and they can be integrated with other characteristics of the user interface capacitive-touch buttons or hidden-till-lit features. For example, icons that sit invisibly behind the cover lens until the user requests them. All custom features available from IDS will allow you to create a very clear and professional front panel so your customers will definitely take a second look.

Get creative with custom cover lenses and make your HMI stand out.

Custom Cover


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