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ITO Touch

ITO Touch

IDS can offer two types of ITO or CPTP touch solutions.

Segment based touch

The simplest form of Touch Sensor which has a number of discrete sensor areas. The layout of the sensors is fixed and is typically a matrix of X * Y or discrete sensors on the panel. For such a relatively simple interface IC is all that is required.

As an example our segment Touch Panel for the 2.7” module has a sensor area of 5x3 sensors.

Custom solutions for segment based touch solutions are easy to make and are relatively cheap to tool.

All Area Touch

This is the type of touch you would see on any modern phone or tablet device. These touch screens are typically standard as customisation of the sensor is very expensive and require high volumes usage.

Dedicated driver ICs are required to perform the interface to these devices.

We have a range of standard offerings – please check our section here.

Segment Touch


  • Low cost, can be comparable to resistive touch
  • Simple software interface


  • Sensor layout is fixed
  • “Low” resolution, (depends very much on customers application)
All Area Touch


  • High resolution
  • Fast response time
  • User can build advanced “Iphone-like” User Interfaces
  • Standard versions available


  • Higher cost than 1D
  • complicated driver solutions required

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