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The IES-ABB-RS485-01 serial interface module provides a simple means of connecting up to 32 alphanumeric Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) modules of 16 x 2, 20 x 2, 40 x 2 or 20 x 4 character/lines to a single RS485 compatible bus. The IES-ABB-RS485-01 provides complete addressable control of character placement, customisation and cursor movement to ensure that your application is up-and-running in a fraction of the time necessary to implement the standard LCD control protocol. The IES-ABB-RS485-01 features on-board supply regulation for both LCD supply and backlight and fully ‘jumperless’ setup of internal features over the serial link. These include 15 levels of backlight brightness, serial baud rate (9600 baud default) and number of display lines. The IES-ABB-RS485-01 features industrial grade RS485 bus protection and switch configuration of load resistor and pull-up/down resistors make the module an ideal solution for distributed visual feedback systems in most harsh environments. The module simple piggy-backs on the LCD module to form a compact solution.

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