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Total Configurability

MECS™ (Modular Embedded Computer System) is a modular hardware platform that can be used to build low power computing systems optimised for specific applications. The modular architecture that is intrinsic to MECS ensures that it is flexible and configurable, making it suitable for use in a wide variety of applications. Maximum product longevity can be reached as the platform is fully upgradeable through the use of a range of Colibri modules and xPOD™ (Expansion Peripheral On-board Device) modules. The MECS Tellurium carrier board provides regulated power supplies, industry standard interfaces such as USB, Ethernet, Compact Flash and SD (Secure Digital), as well as an on board USB hub, an extremely low power real-time clock (RTC) and xPOD module support. A range of Colibri modules based on the Intel/Marvell XScale microcontrollers provide a variety of processor options, RAM capacities and non-volatile memory storage for operating system, application and user data. The Colibri module can be selected based upon the intended applications requirements, allowing the optimal price versus performance balance to be achieved.

User Interfaces

The platform provides an 18 bit generic display connector that can be connected to almost any passive or active digital TFT LCD displays up to a 1024x768 resolution.  The on-board USB hub allows all USB ports to be used simultaneously for peripherals such as a keyboard, mouse, USB flash drives etc.

Add-on Products

The ability to optimize the platform to suit the requirments of individual applications through the use of an appropriately selected Colibri modules is further enhanced through the addition of two xPOD™ interfaces. The xPOD interfaces provide powerful peripheral expansion capability through the use of xPOD modules.

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