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  • Very low power RISC based processor - typical power profile of circa 2W
  • 600/720MHz ARM Cortex A8 430/520MHz C64x DSP
  • Neon Floating Point
  • Power VR Graphics Engine
  • Open GL ES 2.0 Support
  • HD MPEG-4 Video Decoder
  • Four USB 2.0 host ports
  • One USB 2.0 device port
  • Two RS232 and RS485 serial ports
  • 12 off GPIO channels
  • Camera port
  • Audio
  • Wi-fi and Bluetooth
  • DVI and LCD interface

E2 Single Board Computer Overview Following the success of RE1, the RE2 board eclipses the field in terms of performance per watt, with the graphics capability to smoothly drive 720p resolution video content. Board power dissipation is typically circa 3 watts at 720MHz, making to RE2 an environmentally attractive product with the power to drive a wide range of applications, including graphical demanding output. The RE2 single board computer (SBC) has been designed to be used with the innovative REsolution display kit, bringing together all the basic building blocks needed for a versatile embedded HMI module. An optional extended temperature board version of -40C to +85C at 600MHz gives the unit an edge in rugged environments.

Retaining all of the key hardware features of the RE1, the RE2 includes SDRAM and Flash memory, Serial Ports (3), Ethernet, Audio, Touch Screen controller, optional SD or MMC card, USB Host Ports (4), USB Device Port (1) and 12 general purpose I/Os. Additionally, Blue Chip have added USB 2.0 upgrades, a DVI/HDMI port, camera interface, Wi-fi and Bluetooth. These standard I/O interfaces are available on standard connectors on the rear side of the main CPU board, maintaining the same positioning as the RE1 for backwards compatibility. Software drivers are provided for each of these I/O functions.

An innovative expansion port is available to accommodate a range of flexible add-on modules, for example an OTS CM1 module brings full GPRS, GPS functionality to the RE2, ideal for telematics and in-vehicle applications. Alternatively customers can use the port to add specific custom requirements, we can handle this or simply provide the board schematics and expertise to support you own designs. All of this functionality has been designed into a board similar in size to a playing card. Backwards compatible with the RE1 board, the RE2 is an impressive addition to the REsolution range

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