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An 8051 processor is all the external processing power that these displays need

Displaying information in colour is just one key function of TFT displays, though integrating conventional TFTs into existing systems is usually a complex process. With our new intelligent UART TFT displays, this no longer the case.

TFTs offer more options with respect to the display of information. So, why do many developers still hesitate when it comes to adding colour to their products? Surely, one reason is the integration complexity. After all, color displays require more data, and that at a higher rate than do monochrome displays. And, depending on the display’s level of upgrade, data must often be cyclically updated. In short: a high-performance processor becomes necessary. Or does it?

UART front

IDS offer a range of UART displays with integrated µC logic and memory, as well as a UART interface, these intelligent displays offer a nearly complete plug-and-play solution.

The modules can be configured as UART, RS-232 or USB versions and feature a wide input voltage range from 4.6VDC to 26VDC. With a brightness of up to 500cd/m” and resolution ranging from 1/4VGA to WVGA, the displays are well suited for many different applications.

The integrated fonts and basic character/draw functions, such as text, pixel, line, right angle and circle, permit an attractive GUI to be up and running within a short amount of time. Images or graphics can be stored in 65,000 colours in the internal Display Flash, to be displayed when needed.

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