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Calgary Display Accessoreis
Part Number Description Works With RS Components Link  
IDS-UNIVERSAL-01 IDS Demo System Main Board CI064-4021-XX CI064-4073-XX Go to RS
IDS-UNI1-PM-CI064-4021-xx IDS Personality Module for CI064-4021-XX CI064-4021-XX Go to RS
IDS-UNI1-PM-CI064-4021-RGB IDS Personality Module for CI064-4021-RGB CI064-4021-XX Go to RS
IDS-UNI1-PM-CI064-4073-xx IDS Personality Module for CI064-4073-XX CI064-4073-XX Go to RS
IDS-UNI1-PM-CI064-4073-RGB IDS Personality Module for CI064-4073-RGB CI064-4073-XX Go to RS
IDB-CI064-4021-xx 128x64 LCD CI064-4021-XX Breakout Board CI064-4021-XX Go to RS
IDB-CI064-4073-xx 256x128 LCD CI064-4073-XX Breakout Board CI064-4073-XX Go to RS
IDB-REX012864KXX-01 128x64 OLED REX012864KXX Breakout Board REX012864KXX Go to RS
IDS-UNI1-PM-REX012864K IDS Personality Module for REX012864KXX REX012864KXX Go to RS


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