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Custom Colour

Custom colour

Our customers are finding with the array of colour displays on offer in everyday life, the need to show colour in their product is increasing.
IDS have a number of methods of adding colour to your product , without having to go to the expense and engineering overhead of a TFT display.

RGB Backlights

Using the latest surface mount RGB LED chips, these backlights use red, green and blue LEDs in various combinations which allows for a clear indication of the current state of equipment or process where, for example, Red may warn of a problem or issue, and Green denotes normal conditions.  This style of visual indication can provide users with quick and
unambiguous status information that is discernible when viewing from a distance.  It is therefore ideally suited to applications typically in security, industrial automation, instrumentation and machine control.

Colour segment printing

Using your custom designed glass display , we can add colour printing to the rear of each segment. When used in conjunction with a white LED backlight each segment can be a different , but fixed, colour.
We can offer this in both negative mode – coloured segment on a black background
Or positive mode – coloured segment on a white background

FS Colour displays

FS technology offers the user the ability to have 8 different colours on any of their segments , but this time they are not fixed and can change at anytime.
Our RGB backlight is sequentially scanned to produce the 8 colours in sequence.
A fast response LCD , on top of this backlight,  is then switched in accordance with the backlight colour acting as a shutter , thus controlling the brightness and colour of each segment.
We take care of all the control interfaces necessary to make this technology work.
There are so many options and idiosyncrasies with custom displays that we find it impossible to compile a design sheet for you to fill-in , we think it is much easier for everyone if we meet up and show you examples of what we have done and what is possible and discuss your display requirements.
Please contact us to arrange a meeting.

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