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Custom Module

Custom module

Even with the extensive range of standard off-the-shelf products IDS can offer , our customers often find a custom solution meets their requirements more closely.

Custom designed displays are much cheaper to tool and develop then most people believe , so please ask to find out how surprised you may be.

With our custom glass design service , your product could have special symbols or markings specific to your market , and with a custom layout of alpha and numerical characters the end product will be much more intuitive.

Our customers have found using our design service , that their end product becomes feature rich and elevates them above their competition.

With over 20 years of designing custom displays , IDS have all the experience you will need to fulfil your display needs.

Custom Module Design Process

This is an extension to the custom glass process. Once we are happy with the image on your display , we can then look into making it into a module for you.

During this process we can look into which interface option suits your end product design , whether you will need us to add DCDC converters on-board or even add touch control and LED backlight drivers.

Often adding these components to one of our modules makes a very cost effective solution for you , and makes the display easier to interface to.

We would then supply a fully tested module , to your criteria , and you know you can consider this part of your design finished.

There are so many options and idiosyncrasies with custom displays that we find it impossible to compile a design sheet for you to fill-in , we think it is much easier for everyone if we meet up and show you examples of what we have done and what is possible and discuss your display requirements.

Please contact us to arrange a meeting.

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